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In an interview with BBC Radio 2 on September 1st, 2017, Paloma premiered the first single "Crybaby" and discussed tracks from the album. The title track, "The Architect" is about Mother Nature singing to humanity as a whole and expressing her disappointment. Paloma also said that one of her major inspirations for the album was Marvin Gaye's album "What's Going On", which discussed the Vietnam War. She claimed that she wants to discuss world events of the moment, partly as a means of expression for her child and because "someone needs to". The album's release date was confirmed for November 17th, 2017 in the same interview.


Track list:

1. Evolution (feat. Samuel L Jackson)
2. The Architect
3. Guilty
4. Crybaby
5. I'll Be Gentle (feat. John Legend)
6. Politics of Hope (feat. Owen Jones)
7. Kings and Queens
8. Surrender
9. Warrior
10. 'Til I'm Done
11. Lost and Lonely
12. Still Around
13. Pawns (feat. Baby N'Sola, Janelle Martin & Naomi Miller)
14. WW3
15. Love Me as I Am

Deluxe Edition:
16. Power to the Peaceful
17. Tonight's Not The Only Night
18. My Body
19. Price of Fame



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Paloma describes the song's lyrics as a conversation between a man and I, and the song questions whether global conflicts would cease to exist if men successfully dealt with their feelings. Would things be resolved without attack and with measured discussion?