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Behind the Music

Experience the magic behind the music... Ritchie & Candice, the 'real people' sharing the trials & triumphs in the making of Shadow of the Moon and Blackmore's Night.   A special window into the creative, playful, sensitive & spiritual visions of Ritchie, Candy & all that is Blackmore's Night. Three live cuts, of course! (1997) Deleted.

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Japan Laser Disc

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"Travel with Blackmore's Night on a journey back to the medieval times of knights, festivals & the regalia of German Castle life.  Become part of the Blackmore's Night touring group...Over one hour of live concert footage, behind the scenes interviews & more of the remarkable music of Blackmore's Night".
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primarily recorded in Köln, 16th December 1997, and is interspersed with concert performances from Schloß Eggersberg & Fürth Stadthalle,  28th & 30th September 1998, plus additional backstage footage and interviews. 
Shadow Of The Moon / The Clock Ticks On / Play Minstrel Play / Minstrel Hall / St Theresa / Under A Violet Moon / Magical World / Sixteenth Century Greensleeves /  Renaissance Faire / No Second Chance / Writing On The Wall / Mond Tanz / Be Mine Tonight / Memmingen / Maybe Next Time //  DURATION: 70 minutes.

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Under A Violet Moon Castle Tour 2000

Primarily recorded in Munich 24th July & Abendberg 4th August, interspersed with interview footage from Schloß Rabenstein & impromptu midnight acoustic performance of Fires At Midnight, plus additional backstage footage. 
Written In the Stars

Morning Star

Renaissance Faire

Possum Goes To Prague 

Under A Violet Moon

Spanish Nights

Past Time With Good Company

March The Heroes Home

Gone With The Wind

Fires At Midnight

Now & Then

Durch dem wald zum Bachhaus


DURATION: 67 minutes 

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Video Collection

Shadows Of The Moon: -Renaissance Faire -No Second Chance - Shadow Of The Moon + Special Interview, Ritchie's Guitar Collections Beyond The Sunset: -Written In The Stars -Morning Star -Play Minstrel Play -Minstrel Hall -Under a Violet Moon. Blackmore's Night Video Band: Ritchie Blackmore- Electric guitar, acoustic guitar Candice Night-Lead vocals, backing vocals Jessie Baynes - Guitar, backing vocals Pat Regan- Keyboards & the minstrel ball consort


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Castles & Dreams


DVD 1:


Concert Burg Veldenstein 2004


Cartouche / Queen For A Day I & II / Under A Violet Moon / Minstrel Hall / Past Time With Good Company / Soldier Of Fortune / Durch den Wald Zum Bach Haus / Violin - Improvisation Of Tudor Rose / Once In A Million Years / Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword / Home Again / Ghost Of A Rose / Child In Time / Mond Tanz / Wind In The Willows / Village On The Sand / Renaissance Faire / The Clock Ticks On / Loreley, All For One / Black Night / Dandelion Wine //

Bonus material - Behind the Scenes / Ritchie Blackmore’s Guitar Special


DVD 2:

1. Acoustics - I Think It’s Going To Rain Today / Christmas Eve. Burg Abendberg '04- Shadow Of The Moon / Queen For A Day / Under A Violet Moon 2. Videos - Hanging Trees (real) & (animated) / Once In A Million Years / The Times They Are Changing / Way To Mandalay / Christmas Eve. 3. Documentations - Blackmore's Night - The Story / 1. Blackmore's Night – The Story / Once upon a Time - The Candice and Ritchie Story / Tourstart St. Goar 2004 / Hanging Tree - making music with our friends / “Schlossgeister – German TV Special / “Goldene Henne” - German TV Appearance / “ZDF -Fernsehgarten” – German TV Appearance feat. All Because Of You 4. Proclamation - Discography - Blackmore's Night / Biography - Candice Night / Biography - Ritchie Blackmore / Interview - Band & Members 5. Special Bonus - Slideshow / Candice’s Private Cam

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You Tube Videos

Shadow of the Moon

Official video

Renaissance Faire

Official video


No second Chance

Official Video

The Times They Are a Changin'

Official Video

Way To Mandalay

Official Video

Christmas Eve

Official Video

Locked with The Crystal Ball

Official Video

Hanging Tree

Animated Official Video

Once In A Million Years

Official Video

Village Lanterne

Official Video


Official Video

I Think it's Gonna Rain Today


Interviews - random

Live Videos - random

Streets of London

Soldier of Fortune


St. Theresa

Past Times With Good Company


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