All For One

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Album Information - with tracks & CD Cover


1. All for One

2. Written in the Stars

3. All Because of You

4. Writing on the Wall

5. Under a Violet Moon

6. Shadow of the Moon

7. Gone Whit the Wind

8. Way to Mandalay

9. Spanish Nights (I Remember It Well)

10. No Second Chance

11. Rainbow Blues

12. Waiting Just for You

13. 16th Century Greensleeves

14. All Because of You [New Remix]

15. Once in a Million Years


Once in a Million Years
October reminds me of my home
The cold nights I would wait all alone
Watching leaves turning from green to gold...
The waiting feels like eternity
When waiting for love to come to me
Someone to have, someone to hold...
Then once in a million years
A shining white knight will appear
Fairytales are coming true
I promise my heart only to you...
A castle stands upon a hill
Our eyes meet and time is standing still
Your smile warmed me like the first summer sun
There's colour where once was black and white
There's moonbeams where there was only night
I knew then and there you were the one...

This is the song that inspired Once in A Million Years

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Promo & Rare Albums

All For One - The Finest Collection (2004 Yamaha Music label 15-track promotional cassette for the Japanese-only compilation album, custom printed labels and inlay with release details and Japanese text).


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Once In A Million Years - Official Video


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